Meta Super Pets
Mutant Potion
It is a drug that boosts Spets' power significantly when fighting Boss.
Spets will get Critical Damage for each attack randomly at the following rate:
  • 0.5% chance of DamBattle100
  • 3.5% chance of DamBattle50
  • 7.5% chance of DamBattle10
  • 13.5% chance of DamBattle5
  • 25% chance of DamBattle*2
  • 50% chance of none Crit Damage.
1 potion (20MSPc) is enough for all Spets teams per raid for the current Boss.
Who can use it: For those who want to increase damage points and rank high in Daily and Monthly leaderboards. In particular, this drug will help weak teams have the opportunity to compete with stronger teams.
Notes: Boss Raids are for all Spets, not only powerful Spets. Even if you still have low-level Spets, there are still rewards (Lucky Box) for lucky players if your Spets cause enough damage points to the boss.
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