Upgrade Spets
Strengthen your most strategic squad members.
This is our Natural Burn Mechanism: Tokens + Meta Soul (NFT) + Spets. This helps prevent inflation so that MetaSpets chart can grow sustainably for the long term.
Also, this feature to help you earn more as stronger Spets will win difficult battles more easily. This feature will be essential to prepare for Boss Raids & PvP coming later on.
Is upgrading worth it?
Let’s see how strong upgraded Spets are.
How to upgrade your Spets?
Step 1️⃣: Pick a Spet you want to upgrade.
Step 2️⃣: Buy and add a Meta Soul suitable for the chosen Spets.
Step 3️⃣: Pick a number of unused Spets that you want to burn (maximum 3), ready for the upgrade process.
Important notice: 🔹 Each Upgrade requires 5 MSPc. 🔹 MetaSouls, Spets, & tokens will be burned after a successful or failing Upgrade process. The higher the rarity of Souls or Spets used, the higher the success chances. 🔹 The current Soul (Common & Rare) can be used to upgrade Spets of all rarities. Using these Souls for higher rarity Spets will have lower success rates. 🔹 After a successful upgrade, your Spet will gain 1 star, increasing its stats, power, & earning capability. 🔹 Each Spet can reach 3 stars maximum.
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