Boss Raids
What is Boss Raids?
Bosses appear every other day and have 1 faction each time. All players have 24 hours to beat the Boss.
Those who have opened at least 4 eggs can participate in Boss Raids.
Combine the right Spet team just like in Hunting quest to fight the Boss. A battle with the Boss = 1 energy.
Players will accumulate damage dealt through each battle. After the raid ends, the total damage of the previous battles will be stacked with the current battle's.
Rewards: There will be MSPc and MetaSouls for Daily and Monthly leaderboards.
*The rewarded MSPc in the images above are based on the number of Daily and Monthly participants. The more people join, the more MSPc are rewarded.
Tips for big rewards in Boss Raids
  1. 1.
    Try to increase your Damage Point to the Boss:
  • The higher the Spet’s level, the more damage they deal.
  • Fight the Boss as many times as possible.
  • Use Mutant Potion to boost Spets’ power.
  • The Boss’s faction will randomly change every time it shows up: Centurion, Mercenary, Forsaken, and Fae. Therefore, set up the best formation accordingly.
2. Anyone can get Lucky Box (MSPs, MetaSouls, or Silver) in Boss Raids if they are fortunate enough.
3. The more participants in Boss Raids, the more MSPc the top leaderboard players get in Day and Month.
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