Traditional Play-to-Earn
You will organize hunts, battling feral pets in the wild appearing randomly on the World Map. These hunts will bring you tokens and perhaps other valuable items.
That's it. It is just that simple: Click - Chose Pets - Watch - Earn.
Also, be noted that a well-organized formation will lead to easier victories:
First, choose the right opponents' factions that your Spets can counter. Each faction will receive a 25% damage bonus when facing the faction it counters.
Second, choose a set of from two to four pets within the same faction or class to receive buffs. With the right tactics and formations, you can win even the most difficult of battles and maximize your earnings.
The higher rarity of your Spets, the more you will earn.
If you can defeat stronger enemy packs, you will earn even more tokens.
The more Spets survive after each battle, the more bonuses of MSP coin you will receive.
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