Meta Super Pets
Clans vs Clans
With a fee, you can create a guild and become its leader, recruit other players to complete missions and contribute to the Guild's overall strength. Guild Leaders will have unique abilities to manage their Guilds.
Guild Leaders: can invite new members, kick out unwanted members, and set roles for existing guild members. Receive special rewards and distribute them to members based on Guild contribution.
Guild Quests: Guild members will do daily quests and participate in battles to increase contribution points. These points can be used to level up the guild and unlock special item stores and bosses
Guild Bosses: Guild members can participate in Guild Boss battles to earn valuable rewards
Guild Wars: 16 Strongest Guild in will be picked in the battle and awarded territories that will greatly benefit their Guild. Each Guild will go on to pick 5 of its members to form a team for a total of 16 teams. These teams will go on to fight in a tournament in a best of 5 PVP battle where they will be rewarded based on rankings.
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