Pet Care
Feeding the pet the right food they like and playing with the pet will help them increase their affection points, thereby fighting more effectively. Affection Points will reset at 00:00 UTC

Feed Pet

Pet will need a certain amount of energy to participate in PvE. After each hunting quest, if you win, your pets will lose energy. You need to feed your pets so that they can regain energy and continue their fights.
When they choose the right food they like they will show a happy expression.
🌟Here is some tips for you to choose the right food that will help increase affection points, making them fight more effectively.
🍖 Carnivorous Spets will love meet.
🥬 Herbivorous Spets will love vegetable & carrots.
🐟 Spets like cats, penguin will love fish.

Play with Pet

You also can interact with your pets and do some activities and find out more about them, increasing affection.

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Feed Pet
Play with Pet