Our Team
Strong Will - Experienced - Passionate
We are an indie game developer with 20+ members who proved our strength by surviving Steam's strict qualities on our own. No backers. No Marketing costs. Only with our quality products.
Our PC fans love our games because our products are emphasized with rich stories, fun gameplay, & beautiful graphics.
We are bringing over some of our great features from the PC platform & the successful formula that helps us stand strong before to Meta Super Pets.
Founder: Tom Bui
Tom has 7-year-experience in the US, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. He started from being a technical artist for Disney's Brave comic, Technical Art Lead for mobile games at Press Star Group, to Project Manager for Amanotes’s partner’s games and many other projects. Becoming quite successful on the PC platform and with 9 years of being an industry veteran, Tom believes his team is ready for Metaverse. Now, as the Founder of Meta Super Pets (MetaSpets), Tom is leading an operation to develop a NFT game with great quality and credibility.
Project Manager: Logan Le
Logan has over 6 years working with Tom on many game projects. As a game developer, Logan has great experiences from personal projects to big names, like Gianty, NHN. Logan demands the games he manages to be of top quality in terms of graphics, story, and of course gameplay with a great emphasis on UX. His philosophy is simple: People have to love and feel satisfied with his games.
Blockchain Solution: Thinh Tran
Thinh is in charge of Blockchain Solution, with a strong experience of software development for large-scale systems for over 6 years, and currently also a Technical Lead at Esol. Thinh is well versed in dealing with blockchain’s technical problems, thanks to his exposure to previous complex projects. Now, Thinh is ready to support MetaSpets with his full potential.
Blockchain Developer: David Vo
David works alongside Thinh to support MetaSpets's blockchain components, making sure anything blockchain-related is smooth and secured.
Chief Marketing Officer: Chanie Lam
After graduating from a prestigious university, Chanie joined a few agencies that offered her to work with a great variety of clients in different fields. She also landed a full-time job at Wacom, and then Wise Balance. Aside from Years of experience with previous works, what is admirable about her is that Chanie has been often the first to come to the office and the last to leave.
Tech Lead: Janpon Thai
Janpon has a wide range of knowledge in various Unity projects, ranging from web, mobile, and PC. His experience with the PC platform has increased his skills ten-folds as the PC products often demand more quality and complex gameplay. Realizing working on new and complicated projects is so beneficial to the development of his technical skills and knowledge, Janpon doesn’t want to work with anything less intricate anymore.
Server Backend: Harikan Truong
Phong is in charge of the project backend supporting Phat's server system, aiming to deliver a smooth experience for MetaSpets.
Unity Developer: Tinh Le
Tinh Le has worked alongside Logan for more than 3 years and had a deep understanding of Unity technology. He takes care of optimization and performance.
Game Designer: Vincent Hoang
Working with Wise Balance from the start, Vincent has helped in both game design and Unity work. After some PC projects, he understands how important game balances are for the demanding PC community. Now, under Logan’s supervision, Vincent always sets a great standard for any games he works on: They all have to have a wise balance.
Animator: Xian Duong
Xian also joined Wise Balance from the early days. He has a good knowledge of a variety of software, most notably Live2D and Spine. When it comes to quality, Xian pays very close attention to even the tiniest details. The thing is, the team didn’t require him to animate every piece of hair or fur, Xian just does it because it is his passion.
Artist: Phuong Nguyen
Phuong is obsessed with details and quality. She has to make sure the artwork looks as professional as possible.
Server System: Phat Nguyen
Phat has 7 years of server system experience under various circumstances. He can handle a large number of users up to millions. Also, he will make sure that his tools can effectively stop any hacking/cheating attempts, protecting the valuable assets of our users.
Server Backend: Khoa Bui
Khoa also works along side Truong to make sure the system is running as we intent it to be.
And others:
We also have other people working remotely from all over the world to support this amazing project.
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